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BMW’s iX Circulation is a loopy automotive that basically modifications colour

We never joke about our job (we do) but imagine if we told you that BMW unveiled a car that was changing its color at CES 2022?

We know you might think we’re crazy. But that’s exactly what BMW did in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is taking place. It is a special version of the BMW iX called BMW iX Flow.

So we know what you are thinking. No, not that … “How does it work?” Was more of the direction we were heading. It uses what is called “electrophoresis technology”. No, neither do we, so let’s dive a little deeper.

The exterior paint is actually an e-ink coated body film and, like an e-reader, can be changed from white to black when it is loaded, so the body film can be changed in the same way. As you may know, e-ink technology is very energy efficient, which means that once the color has changed it doesn’t need any additional power to keep it up. Electricity only flows when the color is changed.

The idea could be that in the future you won’t have to choose the color of your car because you can have it any color you want, which BMW is suggesting could lead to a “new form of personalization … both outside and inside” the interior future series vehicles. “

According to BMW, the surface coating used is covered with millions of “microcapsules” that are similar in diameter to human hair. Each of these microcapsules contains negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments.

As a result of the passage of electricity, either the white or the black pigments collect on the surface of the microcapsule, which makes the car appear to change color. Notable stuff.

At the beginning of the week, BMW also announced the BMW iX M60 at CES – a performance-oriented version of the BMW iX.

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