Black Chakra Lion Head Bracelet



It is not easy to attract positive energy, but that does not mean it is impossible. Riakoob Jewelry introduces this bracelet that features black chakra beads that attract beauty and good energy simultaneously. Associated with protection, security, and repelling negative energies, these chakra beads can help you break free of toxic or negative relationships and protect you from psychic attacks. It is perfectly accentuated by a 14K gold plating lion head. Ideal for use in meditation, this bracelet helps you stay grounded and restore the harmony of your root chakra.

  • Features black chakra beads that attracts beauty & good energy
  • Associated with protection, security & repelling negative energies
  • Perfectly accentuated with a 14K gold plated Lion head
  • 8.5″ chain perfectly wraps around your wrist
  • Ideal for use in meditation


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