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Belkin’s new iPhone mount for Macs permits for excellent video calls

Back at WWDC in June, Apple unveiled Community Camera for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. The feature allows you to seamlessly switch from your Mac’s webcam to using the rear snappers on your iPhone. It lets you use the far superior cameras already in your pocket, resulting in superb video calls. The problem – how do you get your iPhone on top of your Mac? Enter Belkin with the solution.

Belkin’s latest accessory (the iPhone Mount with MagSafe for MacBooks) can handily bridge the gap between the two devices. The new mount slips over the top of your MacBook’s display, and attaches to your iPhone with MagSafe. Your iPhone sits behind the MacBook’s lid, with the rear cameras pointed straight at your money-maker.

Taking the shape of a small white puck, the plastic mount extends a stainless-steel hook that securely rests over your MacBook’s lid. The reverse side of the mount houses the MagSafe magnets, allowing you to pop your iPhone straight on. It’s also compatible through MagSafe supporting cases. And if you want to go wild, you can even use the metal hook as a stand for your iPhone. How’s that for multipurpose?

The solution is much more elegant than contorting your arm behind your Mac, using a tripod, a stack of books, or any other clumsy workaround. Once attached, you can focus on the task at hand, just as you would with the built-in webcams. Macs don’t necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to webcams. Rather than buying a better webcam, this new mount is a much more affordable solution.

You can pick up Belkin’s latest clever gadget straight from Apple itself. It goes for £30, which is a lot cheaper than a good quality webcam. Later this year, Belkin will also release versions compatible with desktop displays, as they’ll need a larger clip.

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