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Beam will showcase the newest improvements in e-mobility forward of the upcoming Victorian e-scooter check

The company also announces an important partnership with arevo by RACV

Melbourne, April 29 – Beam Mobility, APAC’s leader in micromobility, today unveiled its line of best-in-class e-scooter and e-bike vehicles ahead of the recently announced e-mobility test in Victoria in Melbourne.

Last week the Victorian government announced that it would conduct an experiment to understand how e-scooters could be safely integrated into the transport network. It will start later this year and run for up to a year in three Council areas selected through a targeted expression of interest process regulated by the Department of Transport.

The Melbourne Micromobility Safety Showcase, hosted by Beam and RACV in Southbank this morning, showed industry, university and government stakeholders the latest advances in electric mobility.

The company’s latest Generation 4 Saturn + e-scooter includes an integrated suspension and shock absorption system, replaceable battery technology, an intelligent integrated three-brake system, vehicle security displays, special phone chargers, license plates and automatic fault and accident sensors that provide real-time messages to city operations teams.

Beam is the leading and largest micromobility company in the Asia-Pacific region, serving 18 cities in five countries. It has more than 3,500 vehicles in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Bunbury, Townsville, Wellington and Auckland.

“Beam’s activities connect cities across Australia and New Zealand in a safe, affordable and sustainable way. People are enthusiastic about e-scooters as a convenient daily transportation option that we would love to bring to Melbourne, ”said Tom Cooper, General Manager of Beam Australia and New Zealand.

“Today’s micromobility presentation is about informing key stakeholders about the latest advances in hardware and software and demonstrating how e-scooters can be used safely in large metropolitan areas like Melbourne,” he added.

Beam announced this morning that it has partnered with arevo of RACV, the Melbourne-made mobility-as-a-service trip planner, to provide Victorians with a range of education and safety-focused initiatives in case they succeed under the program’s upcoming E-scooter trial version. Beam e-scooters would also be integrated into arevo’s real-time travel planner app to provide more convenience and accessibility for locals and visitors.

“RACV is committed to providing Victorians with information about the transportation options available and how to access them. Through the partnership with Beam, arevo by RACV is creating greater awareness of micromobility services such as e-scooters and e-bikes and their safe use for daily transport needs, ”said Elizabeth Kim, RACV General Manager arevo Mobility.

“It is important for RACV to support people in getting around comfortably, cheaply and in an environmentally friendly way. We are excited to be part of the Melbourne Micromobility Safety Showcase and to capitalize on the opportunities that Victoria will bring to the world when Victoria takes advantage of micromobility transportation, ”said Ms. Kim.

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