AUVSI Skydio webinar with Axon about drones for the police

A new Skydio webinar hosted by AUVSI introduces the company’s newest partner, Axon. The webinar will take place on Wednesday April 21st at 3:00 p.m. EST and will bring together speakers from public safety experts, Axon and Skydio, to discuss implementation of drone technology for law enforcement and public safety agencies. Registration is free.

The panel will be attended by drone public safety experts Vern Sallee, Axon Air Strategist, and Fritz Reber, Skydio’s public safety integration manager. Axon Air is an established technology provider for public safety agencies: Reber previously led the groundbreaking drone program in Chula Vista, CA.

“Drones have become valuable tools for showing police officers active scenes in the air, conducting search and rescue missions and gathering evidence from privileged angles,” said the description of the webinar. “However, drones can also require a lot of training and impose high cognitive loads on officers, making them difficult to deploy and scale. Axon and Skydio recently announced a strategic partnership to address these challenges, drive mainstream adoption of drone technology, and realize its full potential in the public safety arena. “

Alex Netto – Associate Product Marketing Manager at Skydio
Fritz Reber – Head of Public Safety Integration, Skydio
Vern Salle – Strategist, Axon Air

Register here to attend the free Skydio webinar on Wednesday April 21 at 3:00 p.m. EST.

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