Autel’s latest EVO II Enterprise drone

Autel’s newest drone offering, the Autel EVO II Enterprise, doesn’t look dramatically new or different from previous models – and that’s exactly what Autel intended.

The EVO II series was introduced in 2020 as “the most advanced compact drone on the market” when industry supporters touted the new models as potential “Mavic killers”. Reviews from the field were excellent. Max Lee, General Manager of Autel Drones, says the EVO II Enterprise is the latest example of the quality of the EVO series, implementing more of the features enterprise customers need – while maintaining the reliability required for commercial and public safety deployments.

“We’re making small, incremental improvements – we listen to our customers and make the aircraft a better all-rounder,” says Lee. “We are constantly trying to improve the product and make it better and more user-friendly.”

Making the product better means keeping it reliable, says Lee: “We want to offer tangible value – we want a product that is successful every day. People have to trust their equipment again and again. “

The EVO II Enterprise offers a range of accessories suitable for a wide variety of verticals, including a speaker, nighttime flash, spotlight, and an optional RTK module. The built-in ADS-B receiver helps pilots to identify manned aircraft in the area for additional safety.

The Autel EVO II Enterprise also offers improved flight performance. With a maximum flight time of 42 minutes, a speed of 44 mph and improved wind resistance, the EVO II Enteprise meets the needs of most commercial missions – and Autel’s latest drone has an impressive transmission range that makes it ideal for extended missions. While beyond line of sight (BVLOS) flights may not be possible everywhere, the stronger signal offers benefits for all customers, according to Lee.

“We’ve improved the transmission to 8 miles – and while many customers may not be able to take advantage of this, it results in better signal strength and less interference in urban areas.”

Autel’s latest drone demonstrates the company’s commitment to the commercial and public safety markets. It also shows a reasonable approach to development: providing incremental improvements, adding features without completely reinventing the wheel. “We’re offering a better package to bring more value to business users,” says Lee. “It is available now. We are here, we can provide the amount and we can provide the support. “

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