Scooters And One Wheels

Auckland e-scooter rider thrown into air in horrifying crash with automotive

Footage shows the shocking moment a person on an electric scooter was hit by a car at an intersection in Auckland central. video / supplies

An Auckland e-scooter rider has been tossed into the air in a horrifying crash with a car overnight.

Video footage shows the scooter rider driving on an Auckland inner-city road at night, when a car coming the other direction turns in front of them.

The scooter rider then slams into the car’s front corner.

The speed of the collision throws them somersaulting into the air, twice as high as the car, before landing heavily on the pavement.

The footage ends with the car driving out of the camera’s frame, while the scooter rider can be seen moving after the crash.

Police said the rider was seriously hurt.

A horrifying scooter crash sent a rider somersaulting into the air overnight. Photo/Supplied

“Police were called to a crash involving a car and an e-scooter about 9.50pm last night at the intersection of Sarawia St and Broadway, Newmarket,” a spokeswoman said.

“The scooter rider sustained serious injuries and was transported to hospital.”

The spokeswoman said inquiries into the crash’s circumstances are ongoing.

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