Asylon Robotics Distant BVLOS Operations

Asylon Robotics Demonstrates Automated BVLOS Solution

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

Norristown, Pennsylvania-based security drone company Asylon Robotics recently announced successful flight tests demonstrating the potential of their automated BVLOS solution and supporting regulators as the FAA designs new standards for BVLOS flight. Partnering with Anzen Unmanned, a firm focused on advanced drone safety engineering and approvals, the FAA has sought real-world test cases to help determine minimum requirements, which gave Asylon the opportunity to demonstrate its unique autonomous UAV security solution to regulators. These successful showcases are a clear signal of how far BVLOS operation has come and could be key to the future of the wider UAV space. 

During the culminating flight test, a single operator in Asylon’s 24/7 remote operations center successfully piloted 6 UAVs- three of their DroneSentry units, and three virtual drones. The simultaneous flights took place in Griffiss International Airport’s controlled airspace with the NuAIR alliance and in Asylon’s Pennsylvania headquarters, all powered by Asylon’s drone-based open-architecture DroneIQ software. Asylon sees immense potential in BVLOS operations to allow them to disrupt the traditional security sphere, providing a more secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional guards or CCTV systems.

“The results of this flight test validated Asylon’s operational procedures, hardware designs, and software implementations that enable the safe operation of multiple, simultaneous BVLOS drone flights”, said Asylon’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Brent McLaughlin. “This is good news not only for Asylon and our clients, but for the broader industry as we work with Anzen Unmanned and the FAA to bring the requirements and lessons learned to the open source community and aviation standards bodies.”

The opportunity to operate multiple UAVs at once in controlled airspace is another important step towards widespread BVLOS approval and commercialization. Asylon has already received multiple BVLOS waivers and already provides security services to multiple companies and government agencies, including GXO Logistics and the Space Force. 

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