Asylon and Boston Dynamics aerial and floor drones

A new partnership between Asylon and Boston Dynamics combines drones in the air and on the ground for the ultimate robotic security system. PA-based Asylon has developed an industry-leading, fully automated drone solution for perimeter security. Through the partnership with the robot research and development company Boston Dynamics, a “DroneDog” – the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Boston Dynamics called Spot – is now added to the solution.

The automated remote perimeter security platform is known as DroneCore and uses a security drone and base station that autonomously replaces the weak batteries for 24/7 surveillance. “The Asylon security drone was developed to give companies the fastest possible response to emergencies and alarms. Automated security patrols allow the drone to integrate with advanced sensors or detect anomalies on its own that require a response, e.g. B. intruders or overheating machines, and enable human response teams to be adequately prepared for potentially dangerous threats, ”says the company.

Now the solution will add a “mobile and versatile” DroneDog to provide customers with both automated ground and aerial surveillance. “In contrast to floor robots that run on wheels or rails, Spot is able to traverse uneven and unpredictable terrain with organic, lifelike movement thanks to its leg design,” says Asylon. “Its capabilities enable organizations to conduct more secure and efficient security operations, while 14kg organizations can add modules and features to suit their needs and deploy multiple units for advanced perimeter surveillance.”

… The intelligent machines are able to support multiple air and ground facility payload options to collect actionable data to improve security, while the RSOC provides instant remote control, surveillance and intelligence services around the clock. These data-driven solutions help unlock AI and prescriptive analytics to detect anomalies across multiple locations. The DroneCore system can be controlled from anywhere in the world and the video feed can be displayed in real time. ”

“Asylon is building an ecosystem of advanced robotics to help customers better automate, manage and protect their people, assets and facilities. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Boston Dynamics and their spot UGV as we continue to grow our clients and expand their capabilities. “Says Asylon CEO and Co-Founder Damon Henry.

Michael Quiroga, Asylon’s Chief Revenue Officer, said, “Asylon’s mission is to build an ecosystem of advanced technology to help our customers modernize their security needs. It is for this reason that we are proud to enter into this partnership agreement with Boston Dynamics as we add their UGV to our world-class robot safety services. The coupling of air with ground robotics is a natural progress and enables improved automation of observation and reporting. Since true modernization requires strong partnerships, our platform ecosystem partners will provide our current and future customers with the most advanced security solutions for robotic perimeters. “

This combination of technologies makes Asylon the only American full-service company for robotic perimeters. The aerial drones are designed, developed and manufactured in Philadelphia, PA, while Boston Dynamics is designed and developed in Waltham, MA and manufactured in the United States.

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