AstraUTM in Finland: steps nearer to city air mobility

AstraUTM uses UTM in Finland

by DRONELIFE author Ian M. Crosby

Leading UTM solution provider AstraUTM has completed its second deployment in Finland as part of the DROLO USP project for VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd. announced. AstraUTM will leverage a USSP instance for the project, with the aim of integrating the system with Fintraffic ANS’ CIS solution.

“We live in exciting times in the development of urban air mobility in Europe and in Finland, and the AstraUTM now delivered is one of the most important pieces of our U-Space puzzle. The Drolo Consortium is delighted to now begin its advanced flight test program towards its ultimate goal of creating sustainable business from urban airspace.” said Dr. Petri Mononen from VTT, co-ordinator of the co-innovation initiative Drolo.

The aim of the project is to enable drone systems, products and services to support future applications and establish a Finnish Drolo ecosystem to encourage development. Drolo’s Living Lab testbed in the Oulu region features variable flight environments and resources including a mid-size international airport, a seaport, an inhabited island, a mid-size city center and a 5G development center.

“The implementation will facilitate advanced demonstrations of BVLOS use cases and real-time telemetry exchanges over the 4G/5G cellular network,” said AstraUTM CCO Ayhan Kamil. “We are particularly excited to demonstrate advanced Uspace capabilities such as dynamic rerouting and automated flight planning as part of this project.”

Drolo works to create business opportunities for partially or fully automated drone concepts that can be applied to the surveillance, logistics and drone operator industries, as well as software technology, platform technology and network technology.

AstraUTM has offices on 5 continents ranging from national ANSP level deployments to enterprise and carrier level UTM services.

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