Scooters And One Wheels

Armed theft involving scooter drivers in reference to a sequence of robberies in San Francisco – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF / BCN) – A man arrested for armed robbery in San Francisco last month is now the suspect in a series of armed robberies in the city that were intermittently used on an electric scooter during the crimes, police said on Tuesday with.

San Francisco-based Necho Goins, 26, was arrested last month in the city’s Tenderloin District after attempting an armed robbery of a hardware store on the 2000 block of Market Street.

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At the time of arrest, Goins was also wanted in connection with the robbery of a diamond ring from a pawn shop in October.

On Tuesday, police in San Francisco said investigators had determined that Goins had committed eight other armed robberies and thefts prior to his arrest on February 18.

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The police claimed the following schedule:

  • On Jan. 7, Goins walked into a sports shop on Octavia Street’s 500 block with a scooter and said he wanted to buy a new scooter. After an employee showed him a new scooter and stepped back for a moment, Goins left the store with the new scooter and left the original.
  • On January 15, Goins reached for several purses on display in a shop on 100 Post Street. An employee tried to stop Goins but was only able to salvage two of the purses, and Goins fled the scene on an electric scooter.
  • On February 3, Goins rode a scooter into a pharmacy on the 400 block of Powell Street and attempted to steal items. After a clerk confronted him, Goins tossed the goods at the clerk and brandished a gun, leaving the store on the scooter.
  • On February 3, Goins rode a scooter into an electronics store on the 500 block of Hayes Street, brandished a gun, and took laptops off the display to escape on the scooter.
  • On February 5, Goins rode a scooter into a cell phone store on 200 block of Turk Street and asked for money from the store’s cash register while swinging a gun at a worker. The clerk gave in and Goins fled on the scooter.
  • On February 6, Goins went back to a sports store on Octavia Street’s 500 block and began unplugging safety cables from the store’s electric scooters. When a worker tried to stop him, Goins brandished a gun and fled the scene on the stolen scooter.
  • On February 11, Goins went into a cell phone store on the 2800 block of Mission Street and brandished a gun at a clerk. The worker handed cash from the till and Goins fled on a scooter.
  • On February 15, Goins rode a scooter into a video game store on the 2600 block of Mission Street, approached a worker, brandished a gun, and asked for money. The worker opened the cash register and Goins took the money and fled on the scooter.

The allegations resulted in Goins being booked on several additional charges of robbery, theft and attempted robbery.

Previously, Goins was held without bail after his arrest in February on suspicion of attempted robbery and possession of a burglary tool, among other things. At the time of his arrest, officials allegedly found a replica pistol in his waistband and a collapsible baton in his trouser pocket.

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