Archer eVTOL Receives Particular Airworthiness Certificates from FAA: Test Out These Footage!

Archer eVTOL receives new FAA status

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Archer Aviation Inc. announced today that the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has issued a special airworthiness certificate authorizing the company to begin flight tests of its electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). After crossing this final threshold for starting off-ground operations, Archer will conduct its first hover test later this year.

Archer received its FAA G-1 Issue Paper: Certification Basis (G-1 Certification Basis) last September and has worked through the Administration’s Center for Emerging Concepts & Innovation and Los Angeles Aircraft Certification to establish a collaborative and transparent relationship maintain office with the FAA throughout the certification process.

The inspection of Archer’s Maker took place at the company’s California flight test facility, where the aircraft is undergoing final preparations for its maiden flight as well as extensive safety tests. The FAA conducted a comprehensive review of the manufacturer to confirm that it was complying with the administration’s safety standards. After that, the FAA issued Archer its special airworthiness certificate, which says Maker is safe to leave the ground and allows Archer to begin hover test flights on the aircraft.

“Acquiring our FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate is an important moment for our company as we move one step closer to our goal of bringing eVTOL travel to the world,” said Archer Co-Founder and Co-CEO Brett Adcock. “We are excited to share a commitment with the FAA to create much-needed air transportation solutions. We are grateful to have established a close relationship with their Center for Emerging Concepts & Innovation as we continue to work to ensure that our eVTOL aircraft meet the highest safety and compliance standards. In a year of exciting milestones for Archer, this moment serves as an important validation point for the incredible work our team is doing to make our vision for urban air mobility a reality. “

“Our team has worked tirelessly towards this moment, and it is a testament to their efforts and dedication that we have successfully completed Maker’s formal inspection and received our special Airworthiness Certificate, the latest in a series of certification milestones,” said Adam Goldstein , Archer Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We have demonstrated the quality and viability of our eVTOL aircraft while most of all maintaining our commitment to safety and are now focusing on Maker’s first flight tests. We look forward to sharing more exciting achievements in the near future. “

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