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AR is coming to your BMW alongside these different new software program options

BMW’s not just about posh cars. It’s also about the posh tech inside your top motor that could make even a gadget geek weep with joy. Thanks to the magic of software, the automaker can add a bunch of swish new features to your set of wheels. And at CES 2024, we’re seeing a bunch of new infotainment features, ranging from gaming to AR.

Games, and audio, and screens, oh my!

You know how you can play games from a Tesla? BMW‘s also levelling up with new gaming experiences you can get from the ConnectedDrive Store. Think Beach Buggy Racing 2 but with a luxury twist, playable with your everyday Bluetooth gaming controllers. And here’s the kicker – it packs split-screen mode for two players. Because what’s better than beating your mate in a virtual race while being chauffeured in a BMW?

BMW’s also turning the backs of its cars into mini cinemas. With the integration of DTS AutoStage Video Service powered by TiVo, you can now binge-watch while you’re on the move. Live TV channels, movies, kids’ shows – you name it. BMW’s turning traffic jams into binge sessions. And for the posh lot in the back of the 7 Series – you can use BMW’s new Theatre Screen with Amazon Fire TV and other streaming services.

BMWs are also about to get a whole lot smarter

BMW’s not just about driving; it’s about experiencing. Combine a BMW with a pair of the XREAL Air 2 AR glasses, and you’re in for a more immersive treat. The clever tech can throw up navigation instructions, hazard warnings, and even info on charging stations, all while you’re cruising down the road. It’s like having a fancy heads-up display but on steroids. Though, we’re not sure if you’ll be allowed to drive at the same time… as far as the DVLA are concerned.

Hate Siri and Alexa? You can leave them behind, since BMW’s voice assistant is set for a big improvement thanks to the Alexa Large Language Model. This means your BMW will not only understand you better, but also chat back like a real mate. Need to know how to change a setting? Just ask your car. It’s like having a personal butler, but it’s your car.

And if you’re also not so good at parking (did I really just confess that online?), BMW’s latest feature can help. The brand is teaming up with Valeo to make parking easier. You can just leave your car at the entrance and let it park itself. This isn’t sci-fi; it’s the real deal, using either autonomous driving or teleoperation from a valet operator in front of a huge driving rig. No more circling for parking spots – your car’s got it covered.

When you can get behind the wheel with these new features

BMW’s flaunting all these shiny new features at CES 2024. But it’s infamous for concepts not actually arriving on time, to put things nicely. Especially where cars are concerned. So when will you be able to get your hands on the latest tech? BMW will be rolling out the features across various models throughout 2024.

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