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Apple’s Health + provides different methods to encourage your self

Apple announced some new features for its decent Fitness + service, including collections, which are essentially curated workout plans on topics like “Run your first 5K” and “30 Day Core Challenge.”

So far, Fitness + has largely been a collection of standalone workouts, so collections seem like an obvious addition. Aside from the fact that you pay for it, there isn’t much encouragement for you to keep exercising other than closing your rings the traditional way on the Apple Watch. Interestingly, Apple adds that a library of over 2,000 workouts is now available on Fitness +.

New Artist Spotlight playlists are also being introduced, with an entire training playlist focusing on a specific artist. Exercise types include cycling, dance, HIIT, strength, treadmill, and yoga, through music genres like chill vibes, everything rock, hip-hop / R&B, Latin grooves, and upbeat anthems. Artists include The Beatles, Shakira, and Pharrell Williams.

After Time to Walk (a series that is about to start its third season with other celebrities, including Rebel Wilson), comes Time to Run, which is about running routes in specific cities. They also contain coaching tips from Fitness + trainers. London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach will be the first three locations available, with one set being added every week.

The following six collections will initially be available:

  • 30 day core challenge
  • Improve your posture with Pilates
  • Perfect your yoga balance poses
  • Run your first 5K
  • Strengthen your back, straighten your hips
  • Relax for a better bedtime

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