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Apple Watch Sequence 7 IMPORTANT Adjustments, Galaxy S22 with Cheaper Supplies and Extra! (Video)

Of course, the official news today starts with deals. First of all, let’s start with Amazon and Apple, which don’t seem to stop and we don’t complain. Starting with the brand new M1 iMac, which is $ 50 cheaper if you opt for the base model in silver or blue. The rest of the color options are still 1299. If you’re looking for a laptop, the M1 MacBook Pro is $ 150 cheaper, the base model stays for 1149, and the higher tier gets the same discount as well. The latest iPad Air still costs $ 89, leaving the 256 gig memory variant for 660. The regular iPad also gets a $ 30 discount, which stays at 299. From Apple, Amazon sells a package of 2 new Echoes for $ 120, but you need to be a Prime member and use the code on the screen at checkout. You can also get 2 Echo Dots for 45 using this code on the screen, but again you need to be a Prime member. Finally, if you want to save time and money, we have a special promotion for NordPass Premium where you get a 70% discount for one of the best password managers on the market. We have more deals on other Amazon Echo speakers, Google Nest speakers, Razer and Logitech peripherals, and more.

Let’s keep talking official news, but let’s move on to Apple and Beats. There has been a ton of teasers and leaks over the past month, and then there was Lebron showing off a pair of new unreleased buds. And who can argue with Lebron. Well, the company just made it official, but let’s just say they are aware of your opinion. These are the new Beats Studio Buds, and pretty much think of them as a pair of neutered AirPods. And listen, we call them AirPods because they are made by Apple and they are neutered because they have no Apple DNA. There is no H1 chip, no W1 chip, meaning no proximity and no automatic switching between your Apple devices. The reason they’re special is because they’re a pair of Apple earbuds that offer active noise cancellation, transparency modes, and 1-touch pairing for $ 150. Right, this is how even the first pair of AirPods look bad. But again, just a little. They also bring “Siri” support, a bit of Find My, and offer up to 8 hours of listening time, with the battery compartment increasing that number to up to 24 hours. That means, these numbers are without ANC. You will get about 15 total hours when you turn it on. However, if you stick with Apple Music you get Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos which is great too. The reason these seem like some sort of AirPod for Android is because they charge via USB-C. You can control ANC and transparency in the Beats Android app, and you can set your own digital assistant if you are using an Android phone. So yeah, Apple just made a cheaper pair of AirPods Pro that actually work well with Android for less money. That’s kind of strange, but also an indication that Apple has realized that their music strategy can’t be a walled garden. I wonder if that will be the strategy for Beats going forward, which would make a lot of sense. Let’s get to Samsung for the next few segments, starting with what we expect to see with the S21 FE this year. We don’t have good news. Before today there were a ton of leaks and reports claiming we can expect this new phone in August, but fine. You may have to wait longer. According to a tipster named Chun, the Galaxy S21 FE has been banned for at least a month due to the global chip shortage, so we shouldn’t expect a release before September. He claims the device may be canceled if the situation gets worse. Now he also mentions that the battery could be part of the problem too, but they don’t tell what the problem is and could be responsible for the higher price. Ice Universe actually claims that the battery could be the real cause of this sudden shutdown and not the chip, so that’s another twist on the same problem. The S21 FE is said to have a 6.5-inch AMOLED display, the Snapdragon 888, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and a 5000 mAh battery, if this is the case. We’ll see how the rumors unfold over time, but for now it will either focus on foldable and portable devices unpacked, or launch dates could be much later. Let’s stick with Samsung and the Galaxy S series, but let’s just say the bad news doesn’t stop with the previous segment. It seems that the Galaxy S22 rumors continue and are not necessarily good. So far we’ve heard there are 3 flavors but with the Ultra she gets all the major camera enhancements, but now it doesn’t seem like the only thing she gets. A new report from SamMobile cites tipster Tron, who claims that Samsung is considering using the S22 Ultra as the only model with a glass back. The Base and Plus models have an improved “reinforced polycarbonate”, plastic. It’s plastic. Well, Tron states that Samsung is simply considering this and it’s not set in stone, but it doesn’t stop there. Another report suggested that the Ultra would also be the only one to bring an LTPO panel and keep the 6.8-inch diagonal display, while the other models would get slightly smaller displays. The question is if this polycarbonate would help bring the price down since I’m one of those people who don’t mind switching if the price is right. In fact, I’d say Glastic is more durable, but you tell me how much you’d be willing to pay. We’ll be doing a poll in the Community tab and let us know in the comments if you would bother your S22 flagship with a polycarbonate backing. And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Cupertino and the Apple Watch, as some of the changes are apparently good enough to hotly warrant the title. As we approach September, we’ve heard a few rumors here and there about the Apple Watch Series 7, but today we’re getting a new report from Bloomberg with a ton of details. According to Mark Gurman, Apple plans to refresh the Apple Watch this year with a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity, and an updated screen. Where things are starting to get cool is that apparently we can expect ultra-wideband functionality that allows for the “Find My” features you get on AirTagse and better interaction with features like digital keys. Unfortunately, the design is not perfect, but for the display Cupertino is testing thinner display bezels and a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover. Yes, this might make the watch a little thicker, but Gurman claims it won’t be noticeable. But not everything is fun and games. Previous reports mentioned that we would get new biometric sensors like a body temperature sensor or a blood glucose sensor, but apparently neither of those would be ready this year. In a previous report, Mark mentioned that Cupertino is also working on a more robust sport variant, but even that won’t have to wait until 2022 at the earliest. One interesting twist is that apparently even the Apple Watch SE will get this visual refresh as a Series 7 companion.

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