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Apple reportedly switching to longer, colored cables for iPhone 15

With the iPhone 15 release quickly approaching, the rumour mill is pumping out new reports on the latest iPhone. One of the newest reckons the upcoming flagship will come sporting brand new cables – and we’re not just talking about USB-C. In the box, Apple will reportedly opt for longer, coloured braided charging cables in place of the plain white option.

Apple researcher Majin Bu shared images of new coloured charging cables for the iPhone. They show new colour options and a switch to braided cables, just like that of the M2 MacBook Air. While Bu couldn’t confirm the source of the images, Apple collector Kosutami corroborated the report to MacRumors, mentioning they have seen sample cables which are indeed for the iPhone 15.

This is supposed to be the iPhone 15 USB C cable, I found this photo online but currently I can’t trace the resource, so I can’t be sure if it’s true or not

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) August 19, 2023

But that’s not all. Kosutami separately reported that the new cables would be longer – up to 1.5 metres from the existing 0.5m option that comes included. The collector explains that the packaging layout will change to accommodate the new cable length, which is also thicker than before. It’s a little shorter than the 2m MacBook charging cable, but expect a similar thickness.

These iPhone 15’s charging cable changes don’t come as much surprise. As we mentioned, 2022’s MacBook Air introduced coloured and matching charging cables. And the Apple Watch Ultra comes with a premium, braided cable. Since the iPhone 15’s cable is changing already with the all-but-confirmed USB-C switch, why not give it a fresh look?

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