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Apple reportedly not engaged on future HomePod Mini fashions

Last week’s HomePod revamp caught everyone by surprise, with a semi-refreshed device set to hit the shelves in February. But that’s not where Apple’s smart-speaker related surprises end, unfortunately. A new report details that the brand isn’t planning to release future HomePod Mini models any time soon.

According to a report from Mark Gurman, Apple is not “actively working” on a new HomePod Mini. While he doesn’t mention if these plans are set to stick around, it seems we won’t get a new tiny smart speaker for a little while. Of course, these types of rumors aren’t always accurate, but Gurman boasts a pretty solid track record.

Delving deeper, Gurman explains that the lack of future HomePod Minis could be due to the new HomePod. The bigger brother doesn’t include any major new features not found in the Mini, so there isn’t any reason to update the smaller smart speaker yet. It sort of makes sense, but at the same time, how about we get a few new major features, eh? Instead, Gurman predicts the existing HomePod Mini will receive improvements to Siri via software updates – which we’re definitely in need of.

So, what’s next for the HomePod? Gurman previously reported that Apple is working on a smart display that combines the Apple TV, HomePod, and a camera into one – much like Google’s Nest Hub. It’s likely that any future HomePod-related plans will transpire following the performance of the latest model. So for now, let’s enjoy some refreshed Spatial Audio sound courtesy of Siri. “Shuffling Greatest Hits playlist…” Oh dear.

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