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Apple Music might lastly supply prime quality lossless audio

It looks like Apple is finally making the music streaming game better by taking things a step higher. And by higher we mean in terms of quality. Okay enough walking around. Apple Music may soon offer a lossless level of music streaming. And no, it’s not just a rumor. In fact, breadcrumbs were found in the code of a recently released beta update for iOS for a high quality, lossless listening experience in Apple Music.

The folks at 9toMac discovered the mentions of “Lossless,” “Dolby Atmos,” and “Dolby Audio” in the Apple Music app code after the beta update for iOS 14.6 was released a few days ago. It is now unclear whether Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio are related to Apple hardware that supports these standards, or whether this is specifically related to the music streaming service. But The mention of “lossless” in the music streaming app code is a strong sign that Apple is providing Apple Music users with a high fidelity music listening experience.

According to reports, Apple doesn’t charge you any additional costs for enjoying lossless music

HitsDailyDouble adds more fuel to the fire and reports it A lossless Apple Music tier doesn’t cost you any extra moneyThis means that subscribers will have to pay their standard $ 9.99 / month fee to enjoy high quality music. This would be very atypical of Apple, especially given recent developments like Apple’s debut in the world of podcast subscriptions.

The report adds that Apple will be announcing this lossless tier of Apple Music along with the AirPods 3. “The announcement is expected to coincide with the launch of the third generation AirPods. It is not known whether these are compatible with the new, improved audio offering, ”the report says. However, it is unclear whether the upcoming AirPod has the necessary hardware to support high fidelity music playback.

However, it is not surprising that Apple is expanding its service portfolio to include lossless music streaming. Archrival Spotify has already announced its own hi-fi music streaming tier, while Amazon Music already has one – the uninspiring named Amazon Music HD. Tidal and Deezer are the biggest names in the domain, but Apple can take advantage of its extensive catalog and toss some money towards music labels to create a service that offers both audio quality and variety of music.

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