Apple M2 is coming very quickly! iPad Professional and iMac Launch Appointments & Extra (Video)

I know it has been a minute but the official news is still starting deals today, and don’t worry if you are not interested just follow the timecodes for the news to start. Let’s start with Amazon’s Apple Deals that never seem to stop. The Apple Watch Series 6 currently costs $ 77, leaving the LTE variant for $ 422. The GPS version is also $ 150 cheaper at Best Buy, leaving the product RED version for $ 259. On Amazon, the Galaxy S21 is currently cheaper for $ 150 and ships at $ 699. They also have the Galaxy Watch 3 for $ 150 off, so the entry-level 41mm variant ships for $ 250. If you want a Galaxy S21 and want a device to trade in, the spring deals still have the S21 for $ 100, the S21 + for 300, or the Ultra for 500, but again, you have to have a trade-in device. We have more deals on other Samsung products, headphones, monitors and more under the links in the description.

Let’s stick with the official news and let’s talk about CES. If we’re honest, all of the virtual CES we had to deal with in 2021 was just a lot. As much as the hosts did a great job, the idea of ​​only covering certain things on one show was an accident waiting to be happened. I’m not going to lie that I can’t wait for the fairs to go back to normal, and that appears to be the case. The CTA just released a new announcement stating that we will be back in person and digitally January 5-8, 2022. Apparently the media days start on January 3rd and the entire event ends on the 8th. They claim that around 1000 companies have already committed to attend the Vegas show next year. Some of the names are Samsung, Google, Amazon, and AMD. The statement mentions that they will review the COVID guidelines to put in place security measures. However, we are still not sure what limitations might exist as these have gradually improved. We will keep you updated as some launch dates may be postponed to CES after everything that has happened.

Let’s put OnePlus in the spotlight as I find it interesting how the narrative goes here on YouTube that OnePlus is losing its mojo, mainly because they are now making flagships that aren’t exactly amazing and yet numbers say otherwise. If you recall, they saw staggering growth in 2020, and it seems that this has only multiplied with their new lineup. According to some new data from Counterpoint, OnePlus saw a 388% year-over-year growth in Europe in the first quarter. According to the report, the 9er accounts for 65% of sales, with the OnePlus 9 Pro being the best smartphone for Amazon France and Spain as of the launch date. However, it looks like the Nord is going to take some blows and is the top-selling Android phone in Finland for the fourth quarter. When you’re in Europe, OnePlus adds a few offers to the OnePlus 8T to say thank you. I know it’s funny that they don’t do it on the phone that they claim to be the most selling. We will keep you informed when other numbers are released for different regions.

Let’s move on to Apple for the rest of the show, starting with a few updates we’ve been waiting for and products we’re waiting for. In case you missed it, Cupertino rolled out iOS 14.5 and Big Sur 11.3 earlier this week. iOS 14.5 brings a lot of much-needed changes, such as: B. Unlocking your iPhone with your Apple Watch when you wear a mask, the final version of App Tracking Transparency, AirTags support and much more. The Big Sur update brings changes to Safari, Reminders, Podcasts, and the Find My app. This is all great and can I just say? In the end! We have been waiting for this for a long time. However, when we talk of the things we are waiting for, we are talking about the new iMacs and iPad pros. Apple said that these would be delivered “in the second half of May” without giving any actual dates. Well, according to MetaData in their UK press release, we can expect this to be expected May 21st. This goes hand in hand with information from other tipsters like Jon Prosser, who also says we should expect Apple TV on this day. We’ll keep you up to date.

For the hottest news today, let’s talk about Apple, MacBooks, and Apple Silicon. We got the new iMacs a couple of weeks ago and originally we thought they would come with a new processor, but it wasn’t. I mean, the M1 is pretty darn powerful, so it makes sense for the entry-level iMac, but it begs the question of what’s next. Well, a report from Nikkei Asia now claims that the next generation of M-series silicon has already entered mass production and shipments will begin as early as July this year. The report mentions that it will be referred to as M2 “tentatively”, mostly as a placeholder, before we get the actual name. However, this could be the M1X that leaked after M1 was released. The report adds that this chip will be available first on MacBooks and then on other Macs in the months to come. Hopefully this means the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook pros are coming. Finally, it also mentions that it will build on TSMC’s 5nm + process, but we still don’t know what the difference between 5nm and 5nm + is. When we talk about these MacBook Pros, we expect these mini LED displays with smaller bezels, HDMI ports, SD card readers, and MagSafe to charge up. Of course, when the chips are shipped in July. Does that mean we’ll hear something at WWDC? Or until the autumn event?

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