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Apple engineers are irritated by Apple’s upcoming {hardware} merchandise for the lounge

Apple is reportedly developing new hardware products for the living room, including a new HomePod-like smart speaker with a display. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple engineers and internal teams are not as optimistic about the company’s focus on living room products because “cheap alternatives” are available.

In his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple engineers have raised concerns about the company’s vision for the product line. They claim that top management lacks a coherent vision of product strategy.

Despite the introduction of a new Apple TV with a redesigned Siri remote control, Mark Gurman describes the new Apple TV 4K as “pointless”. He says the $ 99 Apple TV made sense when it was launched, but with thousands of cheaper alternatives from Google, Amazon, and Roku available in the market, it’s tough to hit the $ 199 a year price tag 2021 to justify.

If Apple wants to be relevant in the smart TV market, it has to “make a cheap“ stick ”version at 4K or add features that are actually worth it,” he says.

But right now it’s hard to believe this is going to happen anytime soon, especially since Apple engineers tell me the company doesn’t have a strong living room hardware strategy and that there isn’t much internal optimism.

Mark reiterates that the company is developing a new combo Apple TV, HomePod, and FaceTime camera home hub, slated for launch in 2023. He says that if the product doesn’t sell well or doesn’t justify the price, it’s good for Apple to put Apple TV on the same shelf as iPod HiFi and the high-end HomePod.

Apple introduced the new Apple TV 4K earlier this year. While new features like Siri Remote, color calibration, faster chipset, and integration with Apple Fitness + are good, it hasn’t caught on. Apple even discontinued its own high-end HomePod earlier this year to focus on the cheaper HomePod mini.

What do you think of Apple’s upcoming living room products? Do you think a device with FaceTime, HomePod, and built-in Apple TV would sell well? Let us know in the comments section below!

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