Animal Coaching & Care Bundle


Get the knowledge you need to take care of your pets with the Internationally Accredited Animal Training and Care Bundle. This bundle provides learners with insights into animal care, grooming, and nutrition. You’ll learn about the behavior of a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, and exotic pets. If you love animals and working with them, or have pets you want to take care of then this is the bundle for you.

Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Learn how to perform first aid
  • Upgrade your basic first-aid skills to help your fur babies
  • Master first-aid techniques for treating injured pets
  • Practice how to take control in an emergency situation

Pet Adoption

  • Discover how to cope with an adopted dog & other rescue animals
  • Know what to expect when adopting a new dog or cat
  • Find out how to make sure your home is pet-proofed before they come home with you
  • Recognize the characteristics to look for when choosing the right pet for you
  • Gain confidence in providing the best environment for your new pets

Animal Psychology

  • Delve into the psychology behind their behavior, reactions, & natural instincts
  • Discover how to treat habits & reactions that are not good for your pet or for you
  • Understand dog language & know what dogs are really saying
  • Use an effective method to train your pet

Essential Cat & Kitten Care

  • Gain the skills to handle anything your new pet throws at you
  • Learn how to provide the best quality of life for your kittens
  • Explore your options in choosing a pet based on their breed
  • Learn how to keep your cat healthy with mental simulation & exercise
  • Discover effective ways to groom your cat

Animal Physical Therapy

  • Learn about the right techniques & supplements to ensure their furball lives life to the max
  • Enjoy quality, hands-on time with your dog or cat as you massage away pain & exercise limbs to restore strength
  • Handle your animals confidently so that you are helping & not hindering their recovery

Pet Nutrition

  • Understand your pet’s dietary needs so you can provide the best possible care for them
  • Learn what carnivores, herbivores & omnivores like to eat and how their digestion differs
  • Know what to do if your pet has a weight problem & conversely, ways to encourage weight gain if need be
  • Know about any allergies or intolerance to certain foods & hypoallergenic diets.

Animal Care

  • Learn how to take care of pets properly & react in the right way to give them what they need
  • Know more about animal care & training
  • Be better equipped to give your pets a comfortable life & develop a harmonious relationship that’s fulfilling for you and them

Care of the Senior Pet

  • Correctly take care of your pets who are six years old or more
  • Keep your senior pets active & agile for as long as possible
  • Confidently handle older animals to keep them calm & safe


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