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Amazon Music Limitless sees one other subscription worth bump in US

This time for Prime members and family plan subscribers.

Streaming subscriptions seem to be getting more expensive at the moment. Last year saw plenty of price bumps for music streamers, and this year’s seen video streamers introduce ad tiers and sneakily bump prices. And while Amazon Music Unlimited saw a price jump back in January, the platform is getting more expensive – this time for Prime members and family plan subscribers.

Amazon announced that its Music Unlimited streaming platform is getting more expensive in the US. Individual plans for Prime Members are going up from $9 per month to $10 per month. Or for those on annual plans, they’re looking at a jump from $89 to $99 per year. The Family Plan is also getting more expensive – now $17 per month instead of $16, or $169 per year from $159.

New subscribers will have to pay the higher Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions right away. But those already with a subscription have until 19 September before the increase kicks in. Amazon explains the increase is to offer “even more content and features”. The price jump earlier this year saw $1 increases for non-Prime members. But even Amazon’s most loyal customers aren’t safe from increasing subscriptions.

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