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Join Dawn and Bronwyn Morgan, CEO and Founder of Airversity, as we continue “Developing Industry Leaders” Month on the Dawn of Drones podcast, sponsored by Skydio. Airversity has locations in 11 cities across the US and a Center of Excellence in St. Louis, Missouri to train, educate and inspire people of all walks of life and ages to become drone pilots. Learn more about the variety of Airversity offerings from Part 107 training and how you can plug into this incredible ecosystem that is developing industry leaders for today and the future!

Morgan is a graduate of the University of Illinois. She is a sUAS (drone) Part 107 certified pilot, FAA Safety Representative, and FAA Drone Pro, and is the Founder of Xeo Air (www.xeoair.com), an AI based drones on demand, data analytics and autonomy platform for mission management that connects B2B clients in telecom, catastrophic response, oil and gas, energy, construction, civil infrastructure.

In addition, she is Founder of Airversity Drone Academy + Consulting (www.airversity.com), a professional UAV pilot training school for both Part 107 exam prep and drone flight and private and public safety consulting. She is also leading MOUV UAM, a platform for AAM pilot training and AI based autonomous smart cockpits for AAM aircraft.

  • 2022 Women and Drones Entrepreneur of the Year Honoree
  • Civil Air Patrol, Scott AFB Squadron, Senior Member

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