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Airsentinel.ai Launches Innovative Drone Detection App for Android

Drone detection can be a touchy subject in the commercial drone industry. Rem0te ID for drones gives stakeholders the capability to identify unmanned aircraft and their pilots, helping reduce the risk of unauthorized drone incursions – thereby supporting the expansion of the legitimate commercial industry. Some operators, however, are legitimately concerned that having pilot location and identification data made public could lead to unintended negative consequences. Drone manufacturing leader DJI developed a solution that made drone detection as easy as possible for pilots in 2019, but was criticized when demonstrating their first drone detection app amid fears that the app provided too much information to too many people.

Airsentinel.ai is co-founded by Kenji Sugahara, a drone industry thought leader and the CEO of the Drone Service Providers Alliance, an operator-focused advocacy group. Air Sentinel’s new drone detection app aims to meet the need for airspace security while respecting drone operators. Sugahara points out that the app, designed to detect and provide remote identification data from drones in real-time, doesn’t reveal pilot locations to unregistered users.

“The Airsentinel.ai app responds to an ever-increasing demand for effective and user-friendly drone detection systems. It offers real-time drone activity tracking, paving the way for enhanced safety and security for individuals, businesses, and public safety agencies,” says the press release.

“We are thrilled to bring our innovative drone detection technology to the Android platform,” said Alan Erickson, co-CEO of Airsentinel.ai. “Our primary objective has been to democratize airspace security. With the launch of the Airsentinel.ai app on Google Play, we are taking a giant leap in that direction. It just works.”

The app uses sophisticated algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques to detect and identify drones. Once a drone is detected, the app provides users with critical information, including the drone’s digital license plate, location, and flight path. This app in concert with our cloud-based system will enable users to visualize drones across the national airspace system.

“Private companies can greatly benefit from our app by safeguarding their premises from unwanted drone intrusions, protecting intellectual property, and ensuring the security of their operations,” Erickson stated. “Public safety organizations and cities can also use the app to monitor and control drone activities in their jurisdictions, enhancing security and minimizing potential threats.”

The Airsentinel.ai app is available for free on the Google Play Store, with the option for in-app purchases to unlock additional features and capabilities.

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