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Airobotics in Abu Dhabi: Joint Venture with SkyGo to Deploy Drones Throughout the city.

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by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, data solution and drone provider Ondas Holdings Inc. announced that its subsidiary Airobotics and UAE-based company SkyGo have signed a Term Sheet for Joint Venture to provide aerial drone services to the city of Abu Dhabi. Airobotics has received an initial multi-system purchase order for $3.5 million from SkyGo. The purchase order is conditioned by the completion of proof of concept.

The SkyGo Joint Venture will see Airobotics and SkyGo deploy Optimus Systems at Industrial and Municipal sites, utilizing the autonomous drone platform for a range of use cases. The two companies expect to deploy over 20 systems across Abu Dhabi over the next few years. The SkyGo JV initiative was developed by Ondas strategic partner DoverTower DMCC, a UAE company specializing in local large-scale tech partnerships.

“We are excited to work with the visionary leadership of SkyGo to deploy valuable drone services to critical infrastructure, logistics and government customers across the city of Abu Dhabi,” said Airobotics Founder and CEO Meir Kliner. “The combination of SkyGo’s market and application expertise and Airobotics robust technology platform enables a powerful partnership. We believe the Smart City drone services go-to-market model with SkyGo in Abu Dhabi will be scalable in many markets throughout the world providing a wide variety of smart cities data solutions in urban environments.”

The Airobotics Optimus Urban Drone Infrastructure will be leveraged for a wide range of missions, such as providing public services in a sustainable and scalable manner. Designed to operate as a network of smart drones, the Urban Drone Infrastructure will be utilized in various cases including aerial priority delivery and monitoring missions to increase the safety and quality of industrial operations in facilities such as ports, railways, and highways.

“Our partnership with Airobotics will enable us to offer a wide range of services to our customers in Abu Dhabi using their Optimus System, an autonomous drone platform with powerful capabilities,” said SkyGo CEO Mohammed Al Dhaheri. “Through this partnership, SkyGo will benefit from the technical expertise of the Airobotics team combined with our innovative business model and local knowledge.”

A leading innovator in the deployment of commercial drone solutions in the UAE, SkyGo has extensive relationships and experience in aerial licensing and permits in Abu Dhabi. Airobotics and SkyGo have agreed to certain rights in joint venture for use of the Optimus System and to market, sell and distribute certain related services, such as data collection and analysis services. The two companies intend to collaborate in the deployment of more than twenty Optimus Systems throughout Abu Dhabi, granting services to third parties, including certain governmental entities. Airobotics anticipates the initial commercial customer deployment by the SkyGo JV in the first quarter of 2023.

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