Adobe Sponsors Nationwide Public Security Drone Donation Program

Adobe Becomes Corporate Sponsor of the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Adobe has become a corporate sponsor for the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program, or NPS-DDP.org. Essential in supporting non-profits, corporate sponsors provide financial backing, resources, and assistance in reaching a wider audience. Sponsors also help by offering expertise, skills, and volunteers to assist non-profits in meeting their goals.

Also crucial are memberships, which grant a reliable source of funding that helps nonprofits cover operating expenses, support programs and services, and invest in long-term initiatives. Memberships form a community of invested supporters able to offer feedback, ideas, and volunteer support while helping nonprofits demonstrate their impact and success to potential funders, partners, and stakeholders.

Adobe is a software company providing products and services for digital media creation, marketing, and publishing. Some of its leading products and services include Creative Cloud, a suite of creative software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro; Document Cloud: A set of PDF management tools including Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign; Experience Cloud, a set of marketing and analytics tools for businesses; Adobe Stock, a collection of free assets; and Adobe Fonts.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of NPS-DDP.org we thank Adobe for becoming a corporate sponsor in support of our mission to help put, ‘Eyes In the Sky For Every Department In Need’ ™,” said Mark Langley.

Aside from monetary donations, sponsor and membership, interested parties can support NPS-DDP.org by volunteering, following the program on social media, or by donating new or used drones. Donated drones must be in safe operational order with at least one battery and a working camera. If donated drones are too old for public safety service, the program sends them to a STEM education program through its partnership with Women And Drones.

Furthermore, anyone with a budget to purchase a drone, software or training can contact NPS-DDP.org for help with receiving best prices, and vendors supporting NPS-DDP.org will donate up to 10% of the net proceeds back to the program .

Additionally, businesses that process credit cards can help save lives through a partnership between NPS-DDP.org and Sharing The Credit, which raises funds by showing businesses how to save on merchant fees and leverage the merchant account. The audit is free, with business owners saving money on credit card fees and NPS-DDP.org receiving a small percentage of every credit card swipe for further sustainable funding.

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