Acer C740 Chromebook 11 1.5GHz 2GB RAM – Grey (Refurbished)


Reliable and budget-friendly, the refurbished Acer C740 chromebook is easy to set up, simple to use, and built to withstand the rigors of daily use. This laptop offers a durable design with its reinforced keyboard frame, ports that allow you to connect multiple devices at once, plus an 11.6” HD display for navigating the internet.

  • Full HD display. Brings all content into sight with full clarity, precision, & details
  • 16GB SSD. Seamlessly store your files & take them anywhere
  • Chrome OS. Easily browse the web & enjoy your favorite Chrome apps
  • Wi-Fi ready. Go online via wireless network or hotspot
  • Model year. 2015

Refurbished Rating

This product is listed with a grade “C” rating. It may have visible scratches, scuffs, blemishes, and spots that can be noticed during operation. The product is completely tested and verified fully functional.


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