Accupulser Professional Pulse Stimulation Therapeutic massage Ache & Pressure Reliever


Take relaxation into your own hands with the easy-to-use Evertone Accupulse Pro magnetic therapy massager! Use it on your hands and feet to stimulate relaxation, or use it on deeper muscle groups for tension relief in your shoulders and back. Its unique hybrid therapy combines acupressure, trigger point manipulation, physical therapy, and electronic pulse stimulation. All of this is delivered to you with the help of gold-plated electrode pads that send targeted relief exactly where you need it.

  • Textured handle grip. Massages your hand while you use it
  • 36 gold plated electrodes. Deliver targeted relief where you need it
  • Muscle massage. Helps disintegrate build-up tension in deep muscle tissue groups
  • Electrical impulses. Stiimulate your body’s pain blocking mechanism
  • Safe. Use it anywhere on your body


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