A mix of pace, security, and magnificence

In a world where technology plays an integral role in our daily lives, the demand for efficient, versatile, and visually appealing charging solutions is on the rise.

Ugreen, a global leader in charging accessories, understands this need and has recently introduced its latest creations to the market: the Nexode RG 30W USB C GaN Charger and the Nexode RG 65W USB C GaN Charger.

These chargers not only offer rapid charging but also bring a touch of fun and style to your charging routine.

Ugreen Nexode RG Series

Keep your devices charged up and enjoy efficient and adorable charging from Ugreen’s Nexcode RG Series GaN chargers.

GaNFast technology: Powering a faster future

At the heart of these chargers lies GaNFast technology, a game-changer in the world of charging accessories. This cutting-edge technology delivers faster, safer, and more convenient charging for a wide range of devices. The Nexode RG 30W and RG 65W chargers harness the power of GaNFast to provide unparalleled performance.

What is a GaN charger?

A GaN charger, or Gallium Nitride charger, is a type of power adapter that uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors instead of traditional Silicon (Si) semiconductors to convert and regulate electrical energy. GaN is a wide-bandgap semiconductor material that has gained popularity in recent years for its unique properties that make it well-suited for charging applications.

Speed redefined


Speed is the defining feature of these chargers. The RG 30W offers a remarkable 30 watts of high-speed power, allowing you to charge your iPhone 14 Pro Max to 51% in just 30 minutes. On the other hand, the RG 65W takes it up a notch with a whopping 65 watts of high-speed power, capable of bringing your iPhone to 60% battery strength in the same 30-minute window.

Moreover, it can charge the latest MacBook Air from 0 to 70% in just one hour.

One of the standout features of these chargers is their ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, thanks to the inclusion of multiple ports. Whether you’re juggling your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, these chargers have you covered.

Safety and convenience


Ugreen’s commitment to safety is evident in the design of these chargers. Both models come equipped with an LED mini-smart screen that displays real-time charging status. In keeping with their playful robot design, the display takes on various facial expressions to represent charge levels, with a cheerful smile indicating a fully charged device.

The adaptability of these chargers is another impressive feature. They are compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and charging protocols, including PD/QC/SCP/FAC/AFC. To further ensure your devices’ safety, Ugreen has incorporated a built-in Thermal Guard system that monitors temperature levels in real time, preventing overheating, overcharging, or the use of excessive current.

The chargers also feature flame-retardant shells for added protection against fires.

A greener world

Ugreen’s commitment to environmental sustainability shines through in these chargers. GaNFast technology allows the chargers to convert energy with 95% efficiency, reducing energy waste and minimizing heat generation during the charging process. Additionally, the GaNFast chip in these chargers reduces CO2 production, contributing to a greener planet.

By 2050, Ugreen’s chargers are projected to reduce nearly 5,503 tons of CO2, equivalent to the waste generated by over 650 coal-fired power stations, six billion barrels of oil, or the annual electricity use of over 470 million homes.

Adding character to your space


Beyond their impressive technical specifications and environmental benefits, the RG 30W and RG 65W chargers serve as conversation-starting pieces of technology. Designed to resemble friendly robots, these chargers add a playful and futuristic touch to any room, whether it’s your home office or a shared workspace.

The robotic face that provides charge updates is mirrored in the design of the magnetic robotic shoes, which are not only a fun addition but also serve to protect the charger’s prongs from damage.

Bold technology that works

Ugreen’s Nexode RG 30W and RG 65W USB C GaN Chargers represent a harmonious blend of speed, safety, and style. With GaNFast technology at its core, these chargers offer rapid charging capabilities while prioritizing the safety of your devices. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is commendable, making these chargers an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Moreover, their playful robot design adds a touch of character to your workspace. Say goodbye to slow charging and dull chargers; Ugreen’s Nexode RG series is here to revolutionize your charging experience.

Purchase the Ugreen RG 30W charger, and Ugreen RG 65W charger today via Amazon. Alternatively, you can find out more via Ugreen’s website.

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