A foldable that is (nearly) as slim as my iPhone

Here at IFA 2023, you get to see a lot of new and exciting emerging technologies. From Lenovo, there’s a new Windows 11-based gaming handheld that’s set to take on the Steam Deck, while Withings just showed off a new hybrid smartwatch that’s a complete package of features. Here on the show floor, HONOR also showcased its new foldable smartphone, the Magic V2. I spent some time with the HONOR Magic V2, and here are my first impressions of the device. P.S.: I think it’s not only the best foldable phone, but it might just be one of the best smartphones I’ve experienced so far.

HONOR’s main focus on the Magic V2 is how it retains the impressively slim (and light) design without sacrificing features — and you instantly realize how true that claim is when you hold the device for the first time. The Magic V2 weighs just 231 grams and measures only 9.9mm when folded and a mere 4.7mm when unfolded. To put it in perspective, the Magic V2 is only a millimeter thicker than the S23 Ultra (even when it’s folded). It’s also lighter than both the S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To achieve this feat, HONOR says it had to rebuild the foldable smartphone from the ground up. The Magic V2 foldable uses a new aerospace-grade titanium alloy for the hinge. This upgraded hinge offers better strength — allowing for up to 400,000 folds without any issues — all while still staying lightweight. HONOR also says that it has used a new-gen nanocrystal glass for the V2, which offers tenfold better protection against drops compared to regular glass.

The result of using these modern materials? A beautiful foldable smartphone that doesn’t even feel like a foldable smartphone but a conventional slab phone. No, seriously, if you first see the HONOR Magic V2 from the front, ignoring its hinge and the dual frames on the sides, you would think it’s an ordinary smartphone. This is due to its slim body and also the traditional-looking 6.43-inch 120Hz OLED display up front with a 20:9 aspect ratio.

Honor Magic V2

Dimensions 156.7 x 145.4 x 4.7mm (unfolded); 156.7 x 74.1mm x 9.9mm (folded)

Weight 231g

Cover display 6.43-inch 120Hz OLED

Interior display 7.92-inch 120Hz OLED

SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2


Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Battery 5000 mAh

Charging 66W (wired)

Main Camera 50 MP, f/1.9, PDAF, Laser AF, OIS

Wide-Angle Camera 50 MP, f/2.0, AF

Telephoto 20 MP, f/2.4, 2.5x optical zoom, OIS

Front camera 16 MP camera (one on each screen)

Colors Black, Silk Black, Silk Purple, Gold

Unfolding the HONOR Magic V2 reveals a big 7.92-inch OLED display that is also capable of 120Hz refresh rate and supports HDR10+ playback. For those wondering about the power, the Magic V2 runs on Qualcomm’s reliable Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and features 16GB RAM on all variants. As for the storage configurations, there are options for 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants.

Despite being super-slim, HONOR has managed to pack a big (self-developed) 5,000 mAh battery inside. Not only is this bigger than the battery available on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, but it also supports faster charging at 66W. It runs on HONOR’s own Magic 7.2 OS based on Android 13 out of the box and will get two major Android updates from the manufacturer.

As for the camera, HONOR hasn’t compromised in that aspect either. The Magic V2 packs a 50MP main, 50MP ultra-wide, and a 20MP telephoto with 2.5x optical zoom. For taking selfies and making video calls, there’s a 16MP camera available on both the cover screen and the inner display. While we weren’t able to take photos or videos with the device, if HONOR’s track record with the Magic5 Pro is any indication, things should be promising. (We’ll hopefully learn more in the full review of the device).

On the whole, HONOR has created a nearly perfect foldable smartphone — something that’s close to (in terms of weight and size) a traditional smartphone when in folded state but can open up to provide a remarkable expansive screen for multitasking and enjoying media. While we don’t know the pricing and the availability details of the HONOR Magic V2 just yet, our initial experience with the device has truly amazed us.

HONOR Magic V2 next to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

And to (finally) wrap things off, I’ll just say one thing — if HONOR’s software for the Magic V2 can measure up to the hardware’s excellence, we’ve got something truly impressive here. And if I were Samsung, Google, OPPO, or any other foldable smartphone manufacturer out there, I’d be keeping a close eye on this.

Honor Magic V2

The Honor Magic V2 is the thinnest and lightest foldable phone on the market. The Magic V2 has a large 7.92-inch inner foldable display and a 6.43-inch cover display. It also features a triple camera array and runs on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

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