60W Quick Charger Automobile Adapter with Twin Retractable Cables


Stay organized and charge up to three devices simultaneously. With two retractable cables, this charger minimizes clutter and maximizes space, making it easy to charge your devices from any seat in your car. It also has an extra USB port for charging a third device. No more fumbling with long cords or dealing with messy cables. This charger keeps things neat and organized. With its sleek and compact design, it seamlessly blends into your vehicle’s interior while providing a reliable charging source.

  • USB-C cables. Two retractable cables to minimize clutter & maximize space
  • Extra USB port. Delivers a 3.5A current for charging a third device
  • 60W power output. Ensures different devices can be charged at maximum speed
  • LED voltage indicator. Displays the car battery voltage in real-time & detects the voltage status
  • Durable materials. With over 5000+ bend life; more durable than other cables
  • Easy to use. Simply plug the cigarette lighter splitter into your vehicle’s socket


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