6-Pack BriteNway Silicone Egg Cooker


No more struggling with runny eggs, poor cooking experiences and cheaply made egg cookers. The BriteNway egg maker revolutionizes your cooking performances and makes egg boiling fun. Surprise your family and guests the next time they come over.

Worrying about cracked egg shells inside your omelet? Fed up with sticky egg molds and cleaning up the kitchen countertop mess later on? Find your peace of mind again with the premium BriteNway egg cooker set. Just crack the egg open, pour it inside a silicone pod, seal the lid on top and let it boil.

This egg poaching set includes 6 egg molds. We know how tiresome and messy cooking one egg at a time can truly be. No hassle, no mess. Just pop the boiled eggs out of the pods in seconds and enjoy on the spot.


  • The perfect cooked egg without an eggshell
  • Fast and effective for cooking delicious egg.
  • BPAFree andFDAapproved
  • Non-stick silicone egg cooking cups
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to make soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, egg benedict and more
  • Grease the egg poachers with oil and crack your egg into the egg cookers, seal and boil it.
  • No need to worry about the pot size
  • Maintaining a suitable water depth is critical
  • Use 3-5 short bursts of cooking spray or olive oil to prevent eggs from sticking
  • Cooking eggs for 16~20 minutes
  • Color: Red and White
  • Package Contains: 6 pack silicone egg cookers
  • Material: Food grade PP and silicone.
  • NOTSUITABLEFORMICROWAVE: Please use caution when handling as contents will be very hot. It is suggested to use tongs or oven mitts to remove it from boiling water.


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