5-Piece Electrical Screwdriver (3.6V) Software Set


This 5-Piece Electric Screwdriver (3.6V) Tool Set from HOTO is your all-in-one solution for a range of tasks, from repairing appliances and furniture to DIY projects and craft making. Crafted to high-quality standards, each tool ensures safety and durability. The multipurpose screwdriver features three torque levels, a ring LED light, and extended battery life for high-performance operations. The set also includes an adjustable spanner that boasts a 25mm large opening and a needle-nose plier with a labor-saving spring design. The claw hammer with a magnetic nail starter and rubber cap, along with the self-lock measure tape, completes this efficient tool kit. Address all your home work needs with this complete tool set.

Red Dot Winner 2023

  • Multipurpose screwdriver. 3 level torque adjustment, ring LED shadowless lamp, and an extended battery life for high-performance operations
  • Claw hammer with rubber design. Automatically collects and places the nail for a one-handed operation
  • Self-lock measure tape. 10 feet (3m) non-sharp measure tape with a self-lock system
  • Multi-purpose needlenose plier. Labor-saving spring design with multi-functional gripping jaws
  • Adjustable spanner. 25mm extra-wide jaw; forged with a strong grip to help solve any repair job
  • Bit set. The tool set includes 10 different S2 alloy steel bits

NOTE: Customers must be 18+ years old to purchase


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