Scooters And One Wheels

3D printed components make for fast electrical scooter development

Sometimes walking even a short distance can get boring if it is part of your daily routine. [Alexandre Chappel] found himself in such a position and was chosen to quickly pull out a scooter to get around.

The build corresponds closely to the genre “parts lying around in the shop”. An old skateboard deck has been fitted with beautiful rubber scooter wheels and a set of handlebars thanks to a series of 3D printed parts. Unfortunately, the first rework had issues with flex in the skateboard deck, which is not designed to support the full weight of an adult human on one leg. Another skateboard deck was put into operation and reinforced with a metal tube for extra strength.

From there, [Alexandre] set about creating a front-wheel drive system with a drill, several shaft extensions and an angle drive. Clamped to the handlebar tube, the trigger of the drill is controlled by a rotary throttle that is connected to a cord.

It’s not the easiest scooter, with a little too much torque from a standing start and sometimes a little scary handling. However, with a little practice and some tweaking, we are sure [Alexandre] will have a useful ride on his hands. However, if you prefer something a little wilder, consider this scooter build. Video after the break.

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