3000mAh Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder


This digital audio recorder is versatile with 16GB of storage and voice-activated recording. It doubles as a power bank and can charge your phone or other devices. With up to 576 hours of recording time, you can easily capture important meetings, lectures, or conversations. The device is easy to recharge and allows for listening on multiple devices. You can delete unwanted recordings at any time from the functioning USB drive where the recordings are stored.

  • Dual functionality. Can be used as a power bank & a premium voice recorder
  • Easy to use. Records automatically when sound is detected
  • Long battery life. Can handle long-term use without needing to charge regularly
  • Custom-produced OTG adapter. Connect the device directly to your phone or tablet & listen to audio files on the go
  • Compact. Makes it easy to carry wherever you go
  • 50ft. range. Perfect for many different locations & scenarios, very discreet device
  • Wide compatibility. Play, save & delete audio recordings using any devices

NOTE: Phone is NOT included in this purchase


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