3-in-1 Bamboo Garments Rack with 10 Pack S Hooks


Are you looking for an organization and storage solution for your clothes, coats, shoes and other accessories? Look no further! The D’Ora Bamboo Garment rack was especially crafted to meet these needs. This Clothes rack benefits include, durability, sturdiness, ample storage space and mobility.

This Heavy-duty garment rack is the ideal solution for organizing your clothes, hats, bags, Heavy coats and your selection of shoes. In addition, it can also be utilized in shops and office space to hang coats using the 10 S-Hooks provided. It is also great as a plant stand to accommodate your floral arrangement inside your home using the 10 S- Hooks provided and is ideal as a gift idea for family and friends.

  • Bamboo-made. Natural, non-toxic & highly sustainable due to its naturally renewing properties
  • Great for organizing. Suitable for displaying your weekly work clothes or glam wear in any room in your home
  • Great for storage space. Easily accommodates your shoes, garments, towels, coats & more
  • Easy to assemble. Comes with ‘easy-to-follow’ instruction Manual illustrating labelled parts & tool
  • 3-in-1 smart storage solution. Organize & display your clothes, hats, bags & shoes all on one rack
  • Sturdiness & Mobility. Transport clothes from room to room around the house at your convenance
  • Load-bearing. Ability to support the intended weight without compromising structural integrity
  • Multi-purpose.

    • Can be used as a floral decorative display stand to beautifully hang your indoor potted plants
    • Can serve to air out washed clothes in your laundry room


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