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2022 NIU electrical motorbike + first kick scooter

The boys and girls at NIU were busy this week with the company running two major product launches that will transform the company from a leading manufacturer of connected, Vespa-style electrified scooters into a full-fledged electric mobility powerhouse. The news to share is that NIU has entered the electric kick scooter market with a sharp, high-end product. However, we are very excited that NIU will be building a true electric motorcycle in 2022. Let’s get to that!

2021 NIU electric scooter

NIU colors for 2021 courtesy of NIU.

The NIU Kick Scooter Sport and Kick Scooter Pro are available in two versions and are specially designed for US and European markets where larger scooters are not as popular. Here in the USA, the Sport model offers a top speed of 18 MPH and a range of around 40 km between charges. The Kick Scooter Pro offers a little more power with a top speed of 20 MPH and a range of 30 miles!

That seems great, but I can’t imagine going more than 30 miles on one of these. Even at WFO, that’s a 90-minute ride on a Kick Scooter Pro – which, to be honest, seems a little crazy. However, this makes sense in the context of NIU’s recent expansion into the e-mobility rental markets, where the ability to be used by multiple drivers traveling from station to station is critical. In this context, the advanced connectivity features of the Kick Scooter Sport and Pro models would also be helpful, allowing landlords to remotely check in their assets and quickly identify scooters that are having problems and need servicing.

Everything you need to know about the NIU Kick Scooter, courtesy of NIU.

However, don’t think that these are only for renters. The NIU Kick Scooters are really good looking rides that seem to offer top notch quality, great features, and technologies like regenerative braking that might appeal to tech nerds like me! Look at that …

NIU regenerative braking, courtesy of NIU.

… And honestly, with a $ 599 price for a kick scooter sport, these things fall well into the “impulse buy” category for many urban commuters or go-ped enthusiasts. Hell, I know people who have three times as much in their go-peds – and I’m not sure if you even want to commute on these!

NIU electric motorcycle | NQi Pro

Okay, we talked about the kick scooter. So it’s time to talk about the announcement that really got us excited: the NIU RQiPro electric motorcycle due to go into production for model year 2022. It’s by no means a hyperbike, but 0-30 (ish) MPH in 3 seconds and a top speed of 100 MPH puts it somewhere between the popular 300 and 500 motorcycle classes so it should appeal to a wide range of riders, from beginners to seasoned commuters in the city. A range of 60 miles feels something like this, too, since an ICE motorcycle of this size probably wouldn’t find much use on the road either.

But what’s even more exciting is that we’re doing a little more with NIU than “just” a data sheet and illustration. Take a look at the photo below and make it a reality with me: It is real!

Image courtesy of NIU.

In the context of a driver, you can see that the NIU RQiPro is sitting nicely in the CB300-500 size window mentioned earlier. You can also see some high-end features like floating disc brakes, upturned forks, and LED lighting. Also worth mentioning are the rear passenger pegs as this will obviously be a bike that will attract passengers.

Overall, I’d say this year is going to be a big year for “the Tesla the electric scooter,” and I can’t wait to try one or both of these new products in person. What about you guys? Did you go out or were you just waiting for the right one to come? And how about this bike – it’s not a Harley-Davidson Livewire, but do you really need something this big and bad to make it to Starbucks? Let us know in the comments.

Source | Images: NIU

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