Scooters And One Wheels

20 new jobs as an e-scooter producer Bolt come to Galway

Bolt, the leading European mobility platform focused on making city travel more affordable, convenient and sustainable, has announced that it will bring its e-scooters to Galway as part of an integrated transport system.

The company is ready to ship 10,000 of its e-scooters to Irish cities. Forecasts based on Bolt’s European markets are expected to create more than 130 jobs, including 20 in Galway, if e-scooters are successfully rolled out in Irish cities. These local operating roles would manage the charging, maintenance and distribution of the e-scooters.

After successfully launching its taxi hail service in Dublin, Bolt will create Ireland’s first multimodal transportation platform where the public can choose between a car, an e-scooter or even an e-bike.

Integration into public transport

Luke Mackey, Irish country manager for Bolt, said their data from cities of similar size shows that offering micromobility services like scooters alongside hail drives can replace up to 11 percent of car journeys under 2 miles.

The integration into the broader public transport system would only increase the added value for the public, who can mix cars, micromobility, rail and bus in one app.

“In the future, trips can begin with the multimodal Bolt app. Some trips make more sense with an e-scooter, others with a taxi, ”he said. “Bolt can combine them all and you don’t have to use multiple apps for every service and vehicle type. As soon as a person enters their destination in our app, we recommend different ways to get there depending on the time, price or weather. “

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