10000mAh Photo voltaic Charger with Gentle


The lightweight and portable solar charger is a great way to stay connected while you’re on the go. Its compact design and high capacity make it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, and road trips. Its strong battery can support your smartphone or tablet for long hours of outdoor use, such as taking photos, playing games, or reading books during your journey. The solar panels on this product allow you to recharge this product by natural daylight; which makes it more environmentally friendly and saves you money on costly charging cables.

  • Smart charging. Offers more efficient charging & discharging & saves you valuable time
  • Lightweight. Easily put in your pocket, purse or pouch
  • Large capacity. Enough capacity to fully charge 3 devices & still have power left
  • LED power display. The remaining power in the charging compartment can be seen at a glance, avoiding the embarrassment of a sudden loss of power
  • Multiple devices. Power up 3 devices simultaneously
  • Solar charging. Great convenient power source for all outdoor activities
  • 2 charging ways. Fast charge via USB cable or put it under direct sun for solar charging
  • Bright LED flashlight Perfect for any light emergency or any outdoor activities


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