10 causes to improve from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 to the Z Fold 3

Regular readers know that I’m a fan of Samsung’s foldable phones and have spent a few thousand dollars in the past few years to pick up the Galaxy Fold and then the Z Fold 2, but I’m after a few either way Returned to a standard smartphone in months. There were a couple of key reasons for my limited ownership time, but it looks like the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 addresses my issues, and it may indeed be true that the third time is the charm.

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While I enjoyed the first two foldables from Samsung for months, I’ve been holding the Note series in my hand since the Note 3 many years ago. It doesn’t look like we’ll see a new note in 2021, which gives me even more reason to pull out the credit card for the Z Fold 3. Foldables are likely to grow in popularity, fueled by Samsung’s innovation, available options, and lower prices.

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When I look at the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, I realize that there are several reasons to consider upgrading the Z Fold 2 from a year ago. If you own the original Galaxy Fold, choosing to upgrade is even easier. Here are 10 reasons to get the Z Fold 3:

  1. S Pen support: The Z-Fold devices with the large main screen are perfect for using the S-Pen and this is the main feature I was hoping for from Samsung. I had my doubts that the company could actually achieve this ability with a foldable device and I am very much looking forward to testing it out soon. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G supporting the S Pen, it looks like every reason for a touch is gone.
  2. IPX8 water resistance: The second main reason I couldn’t keep the previous generation Folders was their lack of water resistance. I live in Washington State and live, work, and play in the rain and other environments that require some level of water resistance. I’m impressed again that Samsung achieved this on a foldable and high IPX8 level.
  3. Main screen camera is hidden: The big main screen is a major selling point of the Fold line and this year Samsung went a step further than I expected. The main screen’s selfie camera is now under the display. It’s not the highest resolution camera, but it should work fine for video calling and I look forward to trying it out.
  4. Armor aluminum body: Samsung has made the Z Fold 3 a bit lighter and slimmer, but also made it stronger thanks to some interesting material-related innovations. The Armor Aluminum seems to be a great material for this application.
  5. Lower price: Samsung’s S21 devices launched $ 200 less than the S20 series and it’s great to see that trend continue with the Z Fold 3. A starting price of $ 1,799.99 is still expensive, but it’s a savings over the Z Fold 2 and more is offered here by Samsung. You should also be able to get a fairly high trade-in price for your Z Fold 2, but make sure you take advantage of the early pre-order deals, which are more generous before the phone is generally available.
  6. High refresh rate deck screen: The Z Fold 3’s deck screen now supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. We’ve seen high refresh rates on flagships, and once you’ve used a display like this, it’s hard to go backwards. It’s great to see the title screen now match the main screen.
  7. 11 grams lighter: The Z-Fold devices are a bit big and bulky, so weight saving is estimated and 11 grams is better than weight gain.
  8. More robust main screen: Samsung has a new screen protector and an updated main screen that is advertised as being 80% more durable than previous foldable devices. Make sure to use Z Fold 3 certified S pens as the tips of other pens can have a negative impact on the Z Fold 3 display.
  9. Gorilla Glass Victus: The latest and greatest from Corning glass material is now on the title screen. The S Pen can’t be used on the cover display (maybe that’s coming in the Z Fold 4), but it’s nice to see upgraded glass on the outer display.
  10. Trade-in special: Not really a feature of the phone, we really need to see it first to find more reasons, but Samsung is now letting you trade in two phones to buy the Z Fold 3. Clear out your drawers and collect a few cell phones trade in and save some money, I’ll do that this week.

I was honestly a little disappointed to see the same three 12 MP cameras on the back of the Z Fold 3 that we saw on the Z Fold 2, you pay me was expecting an upgrade of the three cameras. I was expecting at least an improvement in the telecamera, but we will have to look for possible camera improvements next year.

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As an engineer with machine design courses in my background, I’m intrigued by the tech and craftsmanship that Samsung offers in the Z Fold 3 to write here on ZDNet, but I plan on ordering this lovely Phantom Green model as soon as it’s available for order, and hope I didn’t look back again and wish I had kept a foldable Samsung model.

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