10″ 4K Rear-View Mirror Mounted Touchscreen Sprint Cam with Voice Management & Rear Backup Digital camera


Monitor real-time traffic situations on the road on this 10″ 4K Rear-View Mirror Mounted Touchscreen Dash Cam. Its expansive 10-inch IPS touchscreen provides a wider view compared to traditional dashcams. Capture crystal-clear 4K footage day and night, thanks to its advanced sensor and dynamic resolution switching. The innovative IPS display guarantees accurate colors and wide viewing angles. With a responsive user-friendly interface, this dash cam offers seamless operation. The front and rear cameras, with 170° and 160° fields of view respectively, work in harmony to provide comprehensive, simultaneous recording for complete on-road protection. Embrace superior clarity, versatility and safety in one smart package.

  • Advanced voice control. Follows your voice commands

    • Turn on/off screen
    • Lock the video
    • Show both videos
    • Take photo
    • Video start/stop
  • 4K dual cams. Delivers much clearer footage capturing license plates from a distance
  • 170° adjustable front lens & 160° rear lens. Cover total 330° field of view to reduce blind area & capture more scenes on the road
  • Night vision. Captures sharp videos with enhanced details at extreme low light conditions
  • Backup camera. Shows rear view of the car by displaying high-resolution video streaming in the rearview mirror
  • Parking assistance. When the car is put into reverse, the screen image will display park assist lines for safe & easy parking
  • Loop recording. Loop Recording allows continuous recording even if the memory card reaches full capacity
  • G-sensor. Detects a sudden collision & locks the collision footage
  • Parking monitor. Functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off


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