ZAQ Lumin Litemist Aromatherapy Important Oil LED Desk Lamp Diffuser Humidifier, 300 ml, Inexperienced



The Lumin is our solution to workspace aromatherapy! Multi­functional and unique, this essential oil diffuser is sure to illuminate productivity in your space. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or need a bit of aromatherapy to get your through your workday, the Lumin diffuser is here for you. The eco­friendly reading lamp comes with many settings, from reading to studying. Combine that with the right essential oils and you have a recipe for soothing nighttime reading (to prepare for bed) AND productive focus throughout the day (to keep you focussed and energized). Boost your mood and stimulate your mind with the Lumin aromatherapy diffuser. Why get an Aromatherapy Diffuser? You may be asking yourself this question as you read through our product descriptions. Doubly so if this is your first time using essential oils or trying out aromatherapy. Well, before you go any further, read our Aromatherapy 101 article on our blog. Done reading? Good! To provide you with an extraordinary aromatherapy experience, ZAQ uses a LiteMist aromatherapy system. This method of diffusing essential oils sends the relaxing, soothing and invigorating aromatherapy oils into the air where you can benefit the most from them. How LiteMist Aromatherapy works: ● You add water and your essential oil of choice to the diffuser ● The diffuser breaks up this water­ essential oil mixture into millions of microparticles and shoots them out in a stream of mist ● The mist is then absorbed by your body (both through your skin and through inhalation) ● The activated ingredients in the essential oils then go to work, relaxing or invigorating you as they are wont to do ● As an added bonus, the aromas of the essential oils give your space a pleasant smell


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