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Xiaomi mocked Apple for throwing the charger overboard. Now it does the identical with its flagship!

Do you remember when Apple announced that the iPhone 12 series will not include a charging brick in the retail package? Yes, I do that too. What followed was a storm of criticism of Apple’s “green move” to drop the charger, and rivals quickly seized the opportunity to toast Apple. Among them was Xioami, who quickly tweeted a short video about the charger being part of his smartphone package. Well, it seems that Xiaomi has to take back its sarcastic act. And very soon!

Apple did it first, and Samsung followed suit. Now it is Xiaomi’s turn!

Lei Jun, co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, has now confirmed via a Weibo post that the retail package of its next flagship – the Mi 11 series – does not include a charger. Jun went on to explain Xiaomi’s decision was in response to calls for technology and environmental protection. Now the Xiaomi boss also shared a picture of the Mi 11’s retail package, and when you consider how slim it is, it becomes clear that it lacks a core accessory (Read: Charging Brick) that takes its own cute place.

In a previous post, Jun mentioned that the company will announce an important decision regarding the upcoming Mi 11 flagship, along with an image showing multiple charging bricks in an open box that resembles a gadget trash can. The message was loud and clear, but Jun’s last post just confirmed it. And it is very likely that the new “no-charger directive” will spill over to budget phones.

Now, Xiaomi was among the first to take a close look at Apple with a cheeky unboxing video, saying the company was pleased with its latest flagship – the Mi 10T Pro (review). However, it seems that the company may need to launch a pretty compelling marketing campaign to educate audiences about Xiaomi’s commitment to the environment, which actually means convincing them to spend extra money on a charging brick.

Here is also a leaked picture of the retail package of the Xiaomi Mi 11 versus the iPhone 12. Pretty obvious, right?

Secretly show you the packaging box of the Xiaomi Mi 11, which is as thin and light as the iPhone 12. Isn’t it a free charger this time?[doge]

– Digital Chat Station (unofficial) (@StationChat) December 25, 2020

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