Xiaomi is releasing the Android 11 replace for its Mi A3 once more

The Xiaomi Mi A3 saga had a multitude of twists with each update. It’s the usual practice – Xiaomi is bringing out an update for the Mi A3. It comes with mistakes. The company does not recommend downloading the update and then pauses the rollout. A new update will be released later that will fix the problem. This time around, we’re in the final phase as Xiaomi is rolling out a solid Android 11 update for its Mi A3 Android One smartphone.

Xiaomi had problems with the introduction of updates for the Mi A3. The company rolled out the Android 10 update to its Android One smartphone several times before it worked properly. Recently the company released an Android 11 update for Mi A3 that blocked many devices. As a result, Xiaomi had to stop the rollout and went on to announce that these bricked Mi A3 phones will be fixed for free. Now a “brick-free” update is being introduced.

This is a firm update that won’t block phones.

The Android 11 update for Mi A3 is introduced with the build number It is said to be 1.40 GB in size. The changelog remains the same as in the previous Android 11 update. It comes with the usual extras of the latest operating system. It offers features like system-wide dark mode, one-time permissions, chat bubbles, and much more. In addition, the update also brings the security patch for December 2020.

When you have updated and bricked your phone, you can visit the nearest Xiaomi service center. The problem will be fixed for free. It doesn’t matter if your phone is under warranty or not, it will be repaired for free. However, the lost data may not be recovered.

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