Scooters And One Wheels

X would be the first ever electrical scooter assembled in Singapore, the most recent Biker Boy Information

I was a little excited last Tuesday when I was standing in the Scorpio Electric showroom in Teban Gardens Crescent.

There were two branded scooters in front of me – both of the same model called X, and both were to be assembled in the production facility on the premises.

While the black version was recently revealed to the media, the other remains a kept secret.

A few months ago, the X was just a whisper when I was shown brochures for the electric scooter.

Today the prototype of the working model is about to be implemented as the first electric scooter built here.

Melvin Goh, Managing Director of Scorpio Electric, is promoting the brand’s recognition on the international motorcycle platform.

“The future is electrifying,” said Goh. “We believe we can make a difference by ushering in a new era of cleaner, more efficient means of transportation.”

After riding Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire in 2019, I can see the potential and excitement of EV motorcycles.

When fully charged, the exciting LiveWire can go from 0 to 100 km in around 3.6 seconds, has a top speed of 176 km / h and a range of 235 km for city trips or 152 km for combined city and express road trips.

The X won’t be as vibrant or powerful as the LiveWire because it is not meant to be. The scooter, accessible to riders with a Class 2B license, belongs to the luxury scooter segment with an emphasis on design, technology and performance.

Up close, the X is not an off-the-shelf scooter.

The components, such as the 14-inch wheels, the one-sided swing arm and the body to the handles, were built in-house by the brand’s engineering team.

Speaking of handles: They look like short rubber katana swords designed so that minimal input from the driver can turn the throttle.

Thanks to the distance between the rear of the scooter and the one-sided swing arm, it’s always refreshing to see more of the rear wheel.

The overall shape of the scooter is a mix of curves and sharp angles.

Its features – like the striped double rear brake lights and the daytime running lights on the headlights – look like something out of the science fiction film Tron.

Astride the revealed version of the X, my feet rest flat on the ground.

It’s not too wide and looks compact with plenty of legroom.

The reach of the handlebar is natural, although I have been told that the handlebars lower to give it a less aggressive stance.

The designers will also extend the length of Prototype X to give it more “maxi scooter” presence.

Given that design considerations are still fluid, I wonder if the production model of the X will come with carbon fiber component protection, improved brakes, or even premium suspension.

While my questions went unanswered, a representative of the brand answered them with a knowing smile.

The X, which is expected to reach 60 km / h in four seconds, has a top speed of over 100 km / h and a range of 200 km, and has a 5 kW motor powered by a 5- kWh battery is powered.

It takes about four hours to fully charge it from a household socket.

I imagine the X is perfect for driving around town.

Hopefully the infrastructure to support EV motorcycles will be in place once it’s ready for the Singapore market.

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