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Withings physique scan scales can let you know when you have fats arms

January isn’t always the happiest time to stand on the scales, but if your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, the Withings Body Scan may be exactly the inspiration you need.

Smart scales have been doing a lot more than telling you how much you weigh for a while, but the body scan goes further than ever. With four weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes built into the glass bottom, as well as four stainless steel electrodes built into the retractable handle, it can also monitor your heart rate, segmental body composition, and vascular age.

If you don’t look to Holby City much, these may not mean much to you, but the 6-lead EKG is designed to detect arrhythmias while vessel age is a good measure of your arterial health and general wellbeing. With its 3.2 ”LCD screen, the Body Scan can show you how you compare to others in your age group.

Most scales only measure body composition through your feet, which doesn’t really give a complete picture, but the Body Scan’s extra electrodes mean it can give a much more rounded picture – and that’s not a comment on your body after Christmas. Its bioelectrical multifrequency impedance analysis measures body fat and water proportions, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass as well as extracellular and intracellular water. It can also provide individual readings for specific parts of the body. Useful if you suspect you have an extra fat left leg.

Finally, it can also do an assessment of nerve activity via the sweat glands in your feet, which can help track down degeneration of small nerve fibers.

It not only shows your important statistics on the integrated screen, but also sends everything to the Withings app, can be seamlessly integrated into the Withings smartwatches and connects to Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit. The battery should last a full year before it needs to be replaced.

The Body Scan will cost $ 279 when it launches in the US later this year, though it must first be approved by the FDA and CE. There is currently no information on pricing or availability in the UK.

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