Wingcopter Funding USD 22 million supply of drones

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The $ 22 million Series A investment in German drone delivery company Wingcopter is the latest major funding announcement in the drone industry. While investors may become more choosy, the appetite for proven solutions in drone technology is still great, as the investment in Wingcopter shows.

Wingcopter has quickly become a major international name for delivery drones for commercial and humanitarian applications. Wingcopter holds the Guinness speed record (240 km / h) and its unique design stands out from other solutions on the market. The Wingcopter 178 hovers like a multicopter, but moves forward as a fixed wing with an elegant transition between the two modes. Wingcopter places particular emphasis on healthcare applications: the customizable payload system can accommodate a wide variety of loads. The company is working on a long-term COVID 19 response project in Malawi and has important international partnerships, including UNICEF.

The Wingcopter investment round enables the company to expand both service and production capacity. “Wingcopter will use the funds to strengthen its leadership position in drone logistics, with a particular focus on healthcare applications, including the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines,” said a press release. “At the same time, Wingcopter is well positioned and ready to build additional partnerships around the world that focus on other fully automated delivery applications.”

The press release contains a summary of how the Wingcopter solution works: The current model, the Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift, offers both one-way and two-way deliveries over distances of up to 120 kilometers. It can accurately lower a package by a winch mechanism or land at its destination and return to its origin with a new payload. To further expand its market reach, Wingcopter is pushing the next generation of its aircraft, a groundbreaking delivery drone with unmatched technical specifications. Pre-orders can already be placed.

The company plans to set up a partially automated production line at its headquarters in Weiterstadt. Wingcopter is also planning to develop a production facility in the USA. The range of drone deliveries as a service is being expanded considerably, ramping up their employees, currently around 100 employees.

Tom Plümmer, CEO of Wingcopter, comments: “Our team strives to address the world’s challenges through scalable innovations. This chapter of our journey is devoted to establishing logistical highways in the sky that will overtake traditional modes of transport. Poor infrastructure has always been an obstacle, especially to healthcare, affecting billions of people – a situation made worse by COVID-19. With the support and strong networks of our investors, we are taking a big step closer to our vision of developing efficient and sustainable drone solutions that improve and save lives everywhere. “

“We were impressed with the Wingcopter team and the speed with which the product was developed and the company built. We look forward to watching and assisting them as they help deliver vaccines in the short term and deliver cargo more sustainably in the long term, ”said Jonathan McQueen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Xplorer Capital.

“The Wingcopter team combines entrepreneurship with superior technology know-how and looks back on an impressive number of global drone projects. This is necessary to enter a fast growing market like the international drone market. We look forward to supporting Wingcopter on its way to becoming a global leader in the international drone business and look forward to working with the team and the founders, ”says Benjamin Krahmer, Managing Director of the Futury Regio Growth Fund and Futury Ventures.

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