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We might get an Apple Watch with Contact ID and a digital camera below the show

The Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are some of the best watches on the market today. Apple isn’t going to stop there, however, and recently published patent applications can give us an idea of ​​what we’ll see in future watches.

It seems Apple is looking for ways to include Touch ID and under-display cameras in future Apple Watches. The first feature was mentioned in a patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent is entitled “Electronic device with a biometric registration system with sealed keys”. This means that Touch ID can be integrated into the digital crown of the Apple Watch.

“The processor can use biometric identification for one of several purposes. For example, user identification, unlocking devices and authorizing applications. “

Touch ID would be a great feature for future Apple Watch models as it would help make the device more secure. This extra layer of security would help users unlock their devices and authorize Apple Pay transactions. The best part is that this new feature can be easily incorporated into a future watch as Apple has already managed to incorporate it into the power button on the fourth generation iPad Air.

The second new feature that would find its way to a future Apple Watch is an under-display camera. This patent is entitled “Electronic Devices with Two-Stage Displays”. This patent explains how a display can be overlaid with a camera and flash that are only visible when needed.

This new technology would also find its way to future iPhone devices, so we may get closer to the death of the notch. This new technology superimposes an array of pixels to display images in a first layer, while an outer layer contains a series of light modulators that can become transparent to make the camera work.

“When pictures are to be taken, the control circuitry in the electronic device can temporarily place the shutter in a transparent mode to allow light from a flash and / or light imaged by the camera to pass through.”

Now we would just have to wait and see whether these features find their way to the next Apple Watch Series 7 or whether they find their way to future watches as not every patent makes it to an end product, although these features would definitely make a big one Be an upgrade for any future Apple Watch.

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