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Washington DC Tour Firm Prepares to Present Scooter Excursions in Spite of Metropolis’s Tighter Restrictions

Despite Washington D.C-Area limitations on scooters, a niche tour company is ready to launch scooter tours of the National Mall

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adventure DC Tricycle Tours co-owner Barry Ivan Silver aims to have his company provide the first guided tours of the National Mall on electric scooters, in spite of possible obstacles. Currently, his tour company conducts private by-appointment tours for visitors on pedicabs.

Seeing and using scooters on the street gave Silver the idea of ​​conducting tours on scooter. But federal and city restrictions make using street rented scooters for tours extraordinarily difficult. In October 2021 Washington DC changed the parking requirement for profitable scooters, requiring them to be locked up to a bike lock or public sign. And since April 2021all publicly rentable scooters on the National Mall have been restricted to certain parking locations.

Silver is in talks with scooter leasing companies with the goal of giving Adventure DC Tricycle Toursthe ability to provide tours on scooters. “Scooter tours will be something new and exciting for DC visitors,” Silber said. Using a pre-existing fleet will allow Silber’s company to operate without the same restrictions as those renting scooters on the street.

“These barriers didn’t just block scooter parking. They blocked guided tour opportunities — until now,” Silber said. Adventure DC Tricycle Tours plans to partner with companies leasing scooters. Doing so will allow his guided tours to avoid certain restrictions.

About Adventure DC Tricycle Tours

Adventure DC Tricycle Tours gives exclusive, private, once-in-a-lifetime tours, transporting families on tricycle for customized tours of Washington DC’s National Mall. On tour, families can see all the Washington D.C monuments and memorials, the White House, and the Capitol at their own pace, with no bus-filled crowding or walking — and no waiting. Adventure DC Tricycle Tours is welcoming of people with mobility impairments and it is dog-friendly. Major review sites rate Adventure DC Tricycle Tours with an average of 5 stars. The company’s core competency is providing entertaining, educational tours. Through July 2022 the company is giving away a free e-guidebook, “A Tricycle Pilot’s Guide to Washington DC’s Monuments & Memorials” which answers the most questions visitors have asked company guides over the years.

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