Walmart Drone Supply Hub Pea Comb AR

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Pea Ridge, AR is a beautiful little town known for its beautiful scenery and civil war history. If local planners agree tomorrow, Pea Ridge will also be the location of a Walmart drone delivery center.

The Walmart drone delivery hub will be the location for the drone delivery trials conducted by Zipline International in partnership with Walmart. In an announcement about the project last September, Consumer Product’s Walmart SVP, Tom Ward, described the project:

Operated from a Walmart store, Zipline can service a 50 mile radius, which is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut. The start and release system not only enables fast delivery if required in less than an hour, it also eliminates CO2 emissions, which fits perfectly with our sustainability goals. The operation is expected to start early next year and if successful we will try to expand it.

Now, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports, a launching point for the delivery of drones has been identified in Pea Ridge. In a letter from Benoit Miquel, the new Deployment Manager at Zipline International Inc., Zipline explains the project to the Pea Ridge Planning Commission.

“Earlier this year, Zipline and Walmart partnered to create a leading nationwide drone delivery network that would enable Walmart to provide quick and convenient access to health and wellness products for an increasing number of customers,” said in writing. “After a thorough search of Walmart stores in northwest Arkansas, we would like to begin offering this service at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Pea Ridge. At Zipline, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with Walmart and the City of Pea Ridge to provide local residents with secure, contactless, on-demand delivery options. “

In summary, we believe that the safe, world-class innovation we are working with Walmart to bring to Pea Ridge will provide the city with valuable economic activity, good jobs, and inspire students and young people to be very proud of us be. “

Launch is slated for 2021, and Zipline has promised the town of Pea Ridge to open the facility to tours and STEM opportunities for local students. The lovely town of Pea Ridge may soon be known not only for its Civil War legacy but also for the innovation award for being the premier hub for Walmart drone delivery.

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